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Your guide to everything about TalentEi.
  • Overview
  • How It Works
  • Frequently Asked Questions

TalentEi is a proven web based talent matching tool that addresses the unique recruiting needs of the small to mid-sized business community. The system is simple and it works. TalentEi guides employers through an easy posting process and intelligently sorts through tens of thousands of profiles to instantly provide employers with pre-selected candidates based on their specific hiring needs.

Since 2011, TalentEi technology has provided thousands of small to mid-sized businesses with an efficient and effective way to recruit the talent they need to grow their businesses. TalentEi has a number of advantages over many of the larger brand competitors such as Monster, CareerBuilder, Craig’s List etc. and provides employers with the unprecedented ability to target specific recruitment needs while still providing exposure to a national pool of qualified candidates. It is best of both worlds, broad reach and targeted matches.

TalentEi is a division of Digerati, a process engineering firm that leverages engineering and creativity to solve complex problems for businesses and communities. Founded in 2001, Digerati creates comprehensive technology solutions for its clients and works to galvanize economic development in the United States through innovative solutions like TalentEi.

How It Works

Unlike traditional online job boards which effectively serve as electronic “classified ads”, TalentEi is a dynamic matching system that instantly connects job seekers and employers based solely on skills, interests and requirements. Using correlated question-sets and matching algorithms, TalentEi sifts through thousands of employers and candidates to deliver the best possible matches in seconds. Employers are matched with only the most qualified candidates while job seekers get matched to the opportunities that best fit their unique profiles.

  • TalentEi connects employers to job seekers from thousands of colleges and universities.
  • TalentEi exposes job seekers to thousands of employers representing every industry in the country.
  • TalentEi is an effective and powerful system that instantly matches talent with opportunity.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: What is WorkFountain?
    A: WorkFountain is the technology that powers this system. It is not a typical web-based job board. It is a state of the art technology platform that uses sophisticated matching algorithms to connect candidates to employers based on skills, interests and job requirements. The system provides curated job matching to ensure that employers are connected to the most qualified candidates while candidates get matched to employers and opportunities that best fit their unique profiles.
  • Q: What is the cost to use the platform?
    A: The system is free for job and internship seekers. Full and part-time job postings cost up to $39 per opportunity posting, and internship postings cost up to $19 per opportunity posting. All postings have a 30-day life span, and paid postings carry a candidate guarantee.

  • Q: What if an employer does not receive any matches?
    A: A minimum of one match per position is guaranteed. If a position does not receive at least one match during the 30 day posting, the employer will receive a refund for that position.
  • Q: Does Workfountain replace Monster, CareerBuilder or even Craig’s List?
    A: No. In fact, WorkFountain enhances traditional job boards by scoring, screening and stack ranking candidates from any job board and your own company website. Simply share the customized link we create for you and WorkFountain will organize all your candidates, compile demographic reporting and help you hire the right fit, faster.
  • Q: Who is using the system today?
    A: Employers of all sizes use the system because it is a proven, high-efficiency, talent exchange that provides them with unprecedented ability to target specific recruitment needs while still promoting their available opportunities to a national pool of qualified candidates. Its impact is dramatic for high-growth, small to midsized employers as these often lack significant human resource departments or connections to universities and emerging talent pools.

    The candidate pool is made up of tens of thousands of young professionals, college students, mid-career professionals and recent graduates. They use the system because it instantly connects them with employers from across the country who are looking for quality candidates with their specific skill sets.

    Both employers and candidates use the system because it is best of both worlds; broad reach and targeted matches.